Vidhyarthi, The Man Who Fought Against the Mighty British Empire Through Journalism

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Aligarh: India has produced many fearless and courageous journalists who have shaken powerful empires using their power of the pen. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi was one of the coveted, courageous and fearless journalists of India who is highly acclaimed for his unprecedented work in the field of journalism. Through his unbiased journalism and powerful writing, Vidyarthi played a significant role in the anti-British movement. He released his Newspaper, “Pratap” from Kanpur. Through this Newspaper, he mainlypublished news related to revolutionary activities in India.  Due to such activities, the British Government sent him to Jail several times but he keep doing his work fearlessly.

While addressing students at a conference, the Presidentof the Journalism and Mass Communication department of Mangalayatan University, Dr. Santosh Gautam said, today in the changing dynamics,young journalists of the country should assimilate the life ideology of Vidyarthi. Prof. Manish Upadhyayclarified the meaning of “Vidyarthi”, which Ganesh Shankar used to append with his name. He said, Ganesh Shankar believed that a human learns throughout his life and always remains a student, that’s why Ganesh Shankar used to append “Vidyarthi” with his name. Born in Prayagraj, Vidyarthi struggled throughout his life. On 25 March 1931, he sacrificed his life in Kanpur riot. Throughout his life, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi served society with heart and soul. The conference was conducted by Prof. Mayank Jain. Divya Sharma expressed gratitude to all teachers and students who attended the conference and made it successful. Deepak Chowdhary, Deepak Kumar, Saileshthi Pandit, Satakshi, Hrithik, Ashi, Juhi were present at the conference.

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