World-famous Mathematicians Enlightened the Students at Mangalayatan University

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World-famous Mathematicians Enlightened the Students at Mangalayatan University

Aligarh, June 15, 2019: Mangalayatan University’s Department of Applied Science and Engineering hosted a two-day international symposium. The event’s theme was ‘Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling’. Many mathematicians, professors, and researchers of National and International repute took part in the event and shared their valuable knowledge with the students.

Prof. David Levin of Tel Aviv University said, “There are numerous models in the field of Mathematics to render enormous issues tiny”. “We can easily eliminate all of those little issues. The irony is that some mathematical models are only used for large problems”, he added.

While addressing the audience, Prof. Qamrul Hasan Ansari of Aligarh Muslim University stated that real life is full of hurdles, and mathematical calculations come in help while tackling those problems. The rationale for this is that the calculations encourage your mind to think practically and aid in calculating the risk percentage.

According to Prof. Rama Shankar of the College of Science in South Africa, most people fail to realize their desires in life. They will be disappointed for the rest of their lives if they continue in this manner. Further he added, “There are some statistical technologies and procedures that can be useful in determining and achieving one’s life goals”.

Prof. Khalil Ahmad of Al-Falah University spoke about waves and how they have been employed in networking and communication up to this point. He also stated that, because of technology improvements, there are now mathematical models that may be used to construct a picture using wave elements.

Apart from these experts, Aligarh University’s Prof. Kalimuddin Ahmad emphasized the need of using and benefiting from diverse mathematical techniques and models. Dr. Yasir Sohail of the University of Connecticut in the United States shed some insight on signal exchange and other topics. Finally, Prof. PV Jain stated that mathematics is a life-related subject. All of the developed models make it simple to solve challenges.

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