Mangalayatan University Organized Convocation Ceremony, 742Students Received Degrees

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Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, in its campus, held its 7th convocation on Sunday, May 21, 2019. A total of 742 students received their degrees during the ceremony. 35 students were awarded gold medals, while 41 students received silver medals. During the event, 3 Ph.D. students were also awarded their degrees.

Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, a Rajya Sabha member and President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), was the chief guest. Changes that could be made to benefit the younger generation were discussed. Dr. Buddhe spoke on the same. “India is confronting several issues in the higher education industry and remains indecisive,” he remarked. For many people, education has become a source of income. As a result, millions of graduates are still unable to grasp the complexities of their courses,” he added.

Mr. Buddhe, a political thinker, added, “Mangalayatan University is not constrained by private universities or government laws.” It is an independent institution that has the potential to ameliorate the education sector’s deterioration. All that is required is to begin a course that will necessitate the use of experiments and study. This way, the students will become more efficient. Education is more than just academic knowledge; we should enhance our skills in a way that not only provides job but also pays well.”

While addressing the students who had earned their degrees, he said they are now in a position that they were not four years ago. Only the completion of this degree will be effective if they walk with poised self on the appropriate route. “This event will provide students the fortitude they need to better understand life”, he added.

“India in the twenty-first century is rapidly transforming,” said Achyutanand Mishra, a visitor. Technology and engineering are advancing at a breakneck speed. This will be the fourth Industrial Revolution, and India will enter a new chapter. We shall progress toward a more developed society by eradicating poverty and ensuring that everyone has access to education and health care”. He gave his blessing to graduating students, saying that the vitality of the youthful generation, along with a sound foundation, leads to the pinnacle of success. He advised the students to have large aspirations, create lofty goals, and learn to take chances to accomplish them.

“Mangalayatan is making a distinct mark that is making a big contribution in the development of rural minds”, he added. The effects will reflect soon in the social and economic development of the areas. The institution places a strong emphasis on value education, which helps in the development of high moral values. The presence of a temple on campus generates positive vibes.”

“What are the odds that the developed countries are hunting for life on Mars while India is researching happiness in life,” stated poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas after getting an honorary D. Litt. He also stated that in the past, meeting the monarch in a democracy was not a problem, but that this has now changed. It is important to remember that today’s education does not take place in a classroom. It is impossible to remove education from the sacrament. This degree can help you become a better citizen.

Tariq Al Gurg, the executive director of Dubai Cares, addressed the ceremony and said; his organization had provided great education to 90 million children in 57 countries. We are completely committed to education. He added that throughout his time working in banking, he learned a lot from Indians because there were so many of them and that he now speaks Hindi. “There is no difference between Dubai and India for me”, he added. He was also awarded the degree of D.Litt.

Vice-Chancellor Prof KVSM Krishna presented the annual report, which detailed the University’s achievements. “We are putting in extra effort to provide vocational training to our students”, he stated. Media and Fine Arts in Animation, as well as Graphic Digital Art, are among the upcoming practical academic degrees. The Department of Journalism will also offer certificate programs in filmmaking, anchoring, direction, content writing, advertising, and public relations. Not only that, but courses from the Agriculture School of Pharmacy and other departments will be introduced as well”, he added.

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