Health Campaign Focused On “Tuberculosis (TB) Challenge”

Mangalayatan university
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Today, government has mission to abolish Tuberculosis (TB) and Polio completely. Where the World Health Organization (WHO) declared India “Polio-free nation” in 2014, the same Tuberculosis (TB) is still a major issue in the country. Therefore, Government has made a comprehensive plan to abolish Tuberculosis (TB) completely from the country by 2025.

This is where the role of educational institutes becomes very crucial and also a great opportunity for them to serve country and society. On 20th December 2022, Mangalayatan University Aligarh conducted a health campaign collaborating with Radio Narada 90.4 FM and Smart Organization Delhi focused on “Tuberculosis (TB)” Challenge”. The programme aims to create awareness in general masses about TB and counsel people for its treatment.

Dr. Vijay Pathakof Mangalayatan Ayurveda College and Research Center said that BCG vaccine is necessary for all children thereby chances of TB reduces in future.  Besides, Dr. Pathak also advised to avoid smoking. In this programme, Chairman Manoj Kumar, ANM Angoori, Gyanendra Jadaun, Abdul Kalama, Khushbu Chauhan played a significant role.

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