Important Books Released on Supply Chain Management, Philosophy, and Information Technology

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Mangalayatan University is playing an unprecedented role in the sphere of higher education and shaping students’ future through assiduous environment of innovative learning. The University has highly-qualified and intellectual academicians who remains engaged in a broad range of compelling research and creative activities and some of who are at the forefront in their field.

Three books released at Mangalayatan University. Prof. Venkat VPRP written book on Supply Chain Management. Assistant Professor Dr. Sanjay Pal written book on Philosophical Foundation and Aspect of Education.  Assistant Professor of Library Department Dr. Deepmala and the Head of Department Dr. Ashok Upadhyay written book on Trends and Applications of Online Database in Academic Libraries. These three books released at VC Auditorium.

On this event, the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. KVSM Krishna and the Registrar Prof. Dinesh Sharma greeted academic faculties for their splendid academic work and said that these books will provide great help to students to acquire comprehensive subject knowledge. These books have been published by the Dynamic Education Research Society.

On this occasion Prof. Ullas Gurudas, Prof. Jayantilal Jain, Prof. Venkat, Prof. Rajeev Sharma, Prof. Mahesh Sharma, Prof. YP Singh, Prof. RK Sharma, Prof. Ravikant, Prof. Siddharth Jain, Prof. Ankur Agarwal, Dr. Manoj Pateria, Dr. Devprakash Dahiya, Dr. Santosh Gautam, Dr. Saurabh Kumar, Dr. Haider Ali, Dr. Poonam Rani, Dr. Akanksha Singh, Rajesh Panchsara etc. were present.

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