It is the right of every citizen to get justice.

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A legal aid camp was organized by the Law Department of Mangalayatan University. The camp was organized in Majra village, Diswar village, Sathini. Teachers of the Law Department provided information about the law to the villagers. The head of the department, Dr. Haider Ali, said that no citizen can be deprived of access to justice due to financial or other inefficiencies. The Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 has been enacted to provide free and proper legal services to every weaker section of society. Under this, the State and District Legal Services Authority has been formed.

Justice is not limited to cases pending in court. Legal awareness and literacy are the pillars of legal aid. Conducted by student Devendra. The program coordinators were Dr. Vikas Sharma and Dr. Ali Akhtar. Dr. Vikas Sharma told about the free legal aid center established at the main gate of Mangalayatan University. On this occasion, Dr. Mamta Rani, Jitendra Yadav, Dr. Talat Anjum, etc. were present. Law students also held discussions with the villagers. 

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