The Unani system of medicine is an ancient medical system. Vice Chancellor

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World Unani Day was celebrated by the Mangalayatan Ayurveda Medical College and Research Center of Mangalayatan University. In the program, detailed information was provided regarding how to cure the patient through the Unani method.

The program was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Prof. Siddi Viresham, Dean Academic Prof. Abdul Wadud Siddiqui, Principal Dr. Kumudini Pawar, and CMO Dr. Faiz. Addressing the program, the Pro Vice Chancellor threw light on the Unani system in detail and extended his best wishes. He said that there is a need to adopt this ancient method. The Dean of Academics said that the Unani system of medicine is an ancient medical system. Even today, good results are obtained from this therapy. Research work is also being done in Ayurveda and Unani.

The principal said in his address that World Unani Day is celebrated every year on February 11th, on the birthday of Hakim Ajmal, the father of the Unani system of medicine. Unani medicine is in Urdu, and their doctors are called Hakim.

Throwing light on the Unani system of medicine, Dr. Deepa said that with this method, the patient can be treated well and cheaply without any side effects. Student Shahrukh Shah also expressed his views. It was conducted by Dr. P.C. Shukla. On this occasion, Dr. Shivansh Sharma, Dr. Shyam, Dr. Pratibha, Dr. Savita, Dr. Manish, Dr. Vedprakash, Dr. Desh Deepak, Dr. Aishwarya, Dr. Sapna, Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Pallavi, etc. were all present. 

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