Mangalayatan University Organized Webinar on World Nature Conservation Day

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In the context of energy conservation, sustainable development and to deal with global issues like climate change; there is a great significance of conservation of natural resources. To achieve development exponentially, human has exploited the natural resources of the earth drastically. Resulting, today natural resources are not only on the verge of exhaustion rather we are observing adverse impacts of exploiting natural resources. Frequent Earthquakes, increasing temperature of the earth, and depletion of potable water are some major challenges that need to be addressed.

Finding solutions to the above global problems in overnight is impossible; rather a sophisticated, impactful, and mass awareness is needed to tackle such challenges. World Nature Conservation Day is observed annually on 28 July to create awareness about the need to preserve the environment and its natural resources.

Mangalayatan University Aligarh is not only coveted for its high-quality education in the sphere of higher education, rather doing splendid work on social and global issues. Putting effort in this direction, the University and Indian Science Communication Society organized a webinar on World Nature Conservation Day. Eminent dignitaries of the University including Vice Chancellor, Prof. KVSM Krishna; Dr. Manoj Kumar Pataria, President of Indian Science Writers Association; Tariq Badri, President of Youth Hostel Association of India; and Forest and Wildlife Conservationist Sunil Harsana participated in the webinar event.

At this webinar event, eminent dignitaries laid stress on renewable energy and alternative resource of energy to save natural resources and protect the earth. In addition, they also highlighted that human needs should be parsimonious thereby exploitation of nature could be stopped. The webinar was coordinated by Dr. V.P Singh, Academic Coordinator of the Indian Science and Communication Society, Lucknow. Padumna Patil, Samarth Khanna, Udit Narayan, Anup Chaturvedi participated in the webinar.

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