Becoming a Journalist is a Daunting Task

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On the occasion of Hindi Journalism Day, the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Mangalayatan University Aligarh conducted a seminar. The theme of the seminar was “The Challenges and Opportunities in Hindi Journalism”.  Eminent dignitaries who were present at the seminar, shed light on the first Hindi Newspaper Udant Martand and the history of Hindi journalism. In addition, they laid stress on transparent, unbiased and honest journalism, which is the cornerstone of a democratic country.

The veteran journalist and academician, Mr. Shiv Om Sharma inaugurated the seminar and shared some meaningful insights about contemporary journalism and emphasized research-oriented journalism. Registrar of the University Brigadier Smarveer Singhsaid that writing is a coveted career but the field of journalism is filled with challenges, although there is no dearth of opportunities in this field, but journalists should do their job with professional ethics.

Some eminent dignitaries present at the seminar were: Dr. Danish Naqvi, Head of the Department of Agriculture; Head of Journalism Department, Dr. Santosh Gautam. Apart from that, Divya Sharma, Sachin Gupta, Shailesh Pandit and convener Mayank Jain played a crucial role in organizing the seminar. On this occasion, administrative officers Gopal Singh Rajput, Nauhbat Singh, Jitendra Sharma, Vikas Verma, Mukesh Thenuan and students were present in the seminar.


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