You Are Only Born Once, Leave Your Footprints Behind”, Advices Mr. Pradeep Siwach

Mangalayatan university
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“You Are Only Born Once, Leave Your Footprints Behind”, Advices Mr. Pradeep Siwach


Know more about Mangalayatan University’s Vice-Chancellor, Mr. PradeepSiwach

Mr. Pradeep is Mangalayatan University’s, Vice-Chancellor. He earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management from Osmania University and attended Sainik School Rewa (MP) from 1965 to 1970.Mr. Pradeep formerly worked at Shridhar University, JECRC University, Tapmi School of Business, and ICICI Manipal Academy before joining Mangalayatan University.

Mr. Pradeep, as VC of Shridhar University, has boosted student enrollment by over 300 percent. He previously raised JECRC University’s School of Vocational Programs. He was a member of the team that prepared JECRC University for the inspection by the UGC. He was also a member of the Manipal University Jaipur’s Director and Provost raising team.

Mr. Pradeep served as Director of the ICICI Manipal Academy in Hyderabad and Bangalore, where he supervised students. He was also a Brigadier in the Army when he retired. He has previously served as the commander of an Infantry Brigade and a Regimental Training Center. Apart from that, he has also worked at the College of Defense Management in Secunderabad as the HOD of Strategic Management and Dean equivalent.

Here’s a quick rundown of the complete interview:

Mr. Pradeep’s experience in the education industry

I was raised in a military family. When I decided to pursue a career in academics, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.The way people worked in the academic sector was extremely different from how they worked in the army. I quickly understood that your approach to faculty and students differs from that of the army. You can’t treat them the same way you treat Jawans. However, I discovered that they are quite receptive to the good practices that we have in the army, and working in the education industry has been a very rewarding experience. One of the positive aspects of this industry is that it keeps you active, living, and young.

Leadership philosophy and style of Mr. Pradeep

People will follow you regardless of which leadership style you use. What I recommend is a servant leadership style, in which you serve the people rather than being a master. For me, it’s perfect. However, when circumstances are unique and demanding, a slight shift in leadership is likely to be beneficial. For example, at times of crisis, a different style or format is required to address the issue, and one must be willing to adapt to changing circumstances. People generally desire a leader who is visible to them, has a good reputation and is capable of making choices and shouldering institutional responsibility. This is something I support and believe in.

Significant challenges faced as the Vice-Chancellor of Mangalayatan University

Every day presents a new challenge. The most difficult task I’ve encountered is bringing out the best potential in people, both faculty and students. A huge majority of faculty and students are oblivious to their potential and abilities. As a result, some counseling, applause, and encouragement are required. It is a challenging task. Second, boosting admissions is difficult, and making the university a desirable destination for students is even more difficult. Then there’s the matter of the location. This site is also a tremendous difficulty because we are in a remote area.

Mangalayatan University’s curriculum

Because the environment and technologies are constantly changing, the curriculum must be updated regularly. So, if your curriculum is out of touch with the environment, your product/students will be out of touch with the industry as well. Thus, we must include industry in the development of our curriculum. B.Tech., for example, is a four-year program. If you involve industry today, the technology will have changed in four years. As a result, such problems remain. In brief, our curriculum is industry-friendly, and industry representatives are involved in its development.

Mr. Pradeep’s relationship with the students as the VC of the university

My day begins early in the morning. I go for a walk and strike up a conversation with all of the students who are out walking or exercising. I keep an eye on how students at the university dress. More than that, I’m searching for a face that demands to counsel for a low-achieving pupil. I call them to my office and provide them advice. The majority of the students flee when I inspect them for their ties and shirts, which may be hanging out. However, this is how you connect. Some students approach me and place their hands on my feet, asking for my blessings. I roam about the classroom and occasionally sit in the back. I’m not opposed to teaching a class if it’s available. My office is also open to all students at all times. I also pay attention to the personal difficulties of my students. Youth have many issues with which they are unable to speak with their parents. I make an effort to handle such issues with ease.

Ideal school environment according to Mr. Pradeep

In my opinion, an ideal school environment should be a Gurukul environment. We have forgotten the Gurukul environment in our country. According to a teacher should turn into a Guru. A guru is someone who serves as a life mentor, whereas a teacher does not serve as a life mentor. A teacher enters the classroom, takes the class, and then leaves. It doesn’t matter if a student understands or not. Whereas with a Guru, a student can ask to explain something again, and he will do so.

Goals in mind for MU Aligarh for the next few years

We have a five-year strategic plan with separate goals for each year. There are short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans in this five-year plan. Our immediate goal is to provide vocational education. We discover a huge scope in this area because the youths here are unemployed, come from a rural area, and there are a lot of school dropouts. I’d like to underline the importance of research and development. In addition, I want to encourage students to pursue research and development.

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