Colosseum Sports Festival Ended Successfully

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The ongoing Collegium Sports Fest 2022-23 ended successfully at Mangalayatan University Aligarh. The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. PK Dashora appeared at the event as Chief Guest and he encouraged players with his inspiring words. Dr. Shiv Kumar coordinated the sport event. In this sport event 370 boys and 40 girls participated. Anuj Sharma&Rachit Saparia, Kunal& Ranbahadur, and Yash Jadon & Abhishek Raj got first, second and third position in Badminton respectively. In 400-meter race, Hemant Thenuan, Umesh, and Shailesh got first, second and third position respectively. On this occasion Prof. RK Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Pal, Abhishek Gupta, Sonu Kumar, Sweta Bhardwaj, etc. encouraged players. Manu Upadhyay, Pulkit Upadhyay, Kartikeya Bhardwaj, Thaha Mustafa, Anuj Sharma, Aarti Singh, Bhumika, Priyanshi, Kunal, Ranbahadur, Piyush, Madhukant Sharma played important roles in the competition.

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