NSS Volunteers Launched Cleanliness Campaign

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“Cleanliness is next to the Godliness”. This is a famous quote by Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.  According to Mahatma Gandhi, a strong country could only be built on the shoulders of cleanliness. It was Gandhiji’s dream of having a clean India that was free from sanitation woes and social stigma attached to cleaning. Today, if we want to realize Gandhiji’s dream of Clean India, then we have to understand the significance of cleanliness not only at personal level (in home and society) but also at a large level.

Mangalayatan University Aligarh is a coveted private University in north India highly acclaimed for its high-quality education and social works. On 6th August to create awareness of cleanliness NSS volunteers of the University launched a cleanliness campaign at the large level. NSS volunteers, faculty members of the University, and other eminent dignitaries participated in this programme with full enthusiasm.

The cleanliness campaign was well-planned and coordinated by the Program Officers Poonam Rani, Deep Shikha Saxena, Luv Mittal, and Soni Singh. The Vice Chancellor Prof. KVSM Krishna and the Registrar Brigadier Samarveer Singh greeted students, faculties, and staff for their appreciating work. Professor Dinesh Sharma played a special role in this programme. Shashank, Naman, Ashish, Lakshmi, Vaibhav, and Krishna also played a prominent role in the event.

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