The Law Department celebrated World Consumer Day

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The Institute of Legal Studies and Research at Mangalayatan University celebrated World Consumer Day. The theme of the event was “Impartial and Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Consumers. Simultaneously, a quiz competition was put in order. The head of the department, Dr. Haider Ali, educated the students about consumer rights. Addressing the program organized on World Consumer Day, the chief of the department, Dr. Haider Ali, said consumers should be aware of their rights. If consumers are cheated, they should raise their voice against it. On this occasion, the quiz competition was also organized. Sapna Choudhary stood first, Arpita Gautam stood second, and Anjali Upadhyay stood third. Dr. Mamta Rani and Jitendra Yadav were the coordinators of the program. The operation was done by Dr Talat Anjum and Dr. Vikas Sharma expressed his gratitude. On this occasion, Dr. Ali Akhtar, students Gunjan Mittal, Alisha, Prashvi, Parv, etc. were present.

Photo Introduction: Head of the Department, Dr. Haider Ali, addressing the students in the program organized on World Consumer Day.

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