The poster conveyed the message of cancer awareness

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World Cancer Awareness Day was organized in the Pharmacy Department of Mangalayatan University. During this, a poster-making competition was organized, in which students prepared posters related to cancer awareness and displayed them. Vice Chancellor Prof. Siddi Viresham and Dean of Academics Prof. Abdul Wadud Siddiqui visited the exhibition. While giving important information to the students, the Pro Vice Chancellor said that the poster was displayed. There is a need to improve the lecturing skills. The Dean of Academics said that it is the moral responsibility of pharmacy students to educate people about cancer. Make aware. In the exhibition, the posters of Kunika and Kumkum got first place, and the posters of Priyanshu Pathak and Vanshika Singhal got second place. The winners were rewarded by Samman Iglas with 31 games of organizing money. Program coordinator, Prof. Fawad Khurshid. Prof. Nishant Katiyar, Prof. Brijesh, Ramgopal Singh, Sushant Sharma, Sujata Sharma, Chandrakat Tripathi, Mansi Sharma, Naina Sharma, etc.

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