Independence Day celebrated with enthusiasm at Mangalayatan University

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77th Independence Day was celebrated with pomp in Mangalayatan University. Vice Chancellor Prof. PK Dashora hoisted the flag. Along with the national anthem, everyone saluted the national flag and bowed down to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the service of the country.

Vice Chancellor Prof. PK Dashora saluted the revolutionaries while wishing them a happy Independence Day. He said that our flag does not fly because the wind makes it fly, but it flies with the last breath of the soldier who sacrificed his life in the defense of the country while imagining this flag. Remembering such great personalities, we take a pledge to take the country forward on the path of progress. The youth have been sacrificing their lives in the building of this nation. If we take a resolution and make meaningful efforts, we can achieve the biggest goal. Every Indian has to play an active role in making India a developed nation. It is a continuous effort of the university that all the students and professors contribute in the expansion of knowledge.

Registrar Brigadier Samar Veer Singh extended Independence Day greetings. He said that we all are proud that we are independent. Every work of ours should be in the name of the country and duties should be performed honestly. Cultural programs were also organized on this occasion. In which Ruchi recited a song and Shrishti recited a poem, Rinki and Reshu danced, Ramesh Sharma recited patriotic songs. In the year 2023, along with the excellent service departments DVPA, IBMC, SOP in the University, Prof. Ankur Aggarwal, Dr. Poonam Rani, Yadvendra Pratap Singh, Jitendra Yadav, Umesh Chand Sharma, Mayank Pratap Singh, Dr. Deepmala, Shomil Saxena, Bhupendra, Suresh were honored by the Vice Chancellor with citations. Thanking Prof. Siddharth Jain and operations were done by Mayank Jain. On this occasion, Controller of Examinations Prof. Dinesh Sharma, Prof. Jayanti Lal Jain, Administrative Officer Gopal Rajput, Prof. Masood Parvez, Prof. Ravikant, Prof. Mahesh Kumar, Prof. YP Singh, Prof. Rajiv Sharma, Prof. Pramod Kumar, Dr. Soni Singh, Dr. Niyati Sharma, Dr. Santosh Gautam, Luv Mittal, Shweta Bhardwaj etc. were there.


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