Yoga keeps physical and mental health good

Mangalayatan University
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By doing yoga, you can save yourself from many diseases. To lead a healthy life, it is very important to do yoga along with good food and drink. To bring this awareness among people, World Yoga Day is being celebrated by Mangalayatan University’s Radio Narad and Simka Sanstha. The theme of the program has been kept Yoga Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Yoga training program will be concluded on June 21, World Yoga Day.

The chief guest in the yoga training program was Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stay Viresam Siddi. He said that physical and mental health is good by doing yoga. That’s why it is important that you wake up every morning and do yoga. Yoga teacher Bhavna Raj told that Yoga-Pranayama is the only method by which people can remain physically and mentally healthy. By making yoga an integral part of life in a run-of-the-mill lifestyle, we can remain healthy for life. On this occasion, Prof. Ravikant, Prof. Along with Siddharth Jain, Dr. Santosh Gautam, Sartaj Khan, Veer Pratap Singh, Manisha Upadhyay, Gyanendra, Deepshikha, Abdul Kalam were present among the students.

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