Law Department students of the University visited the prison

Mangalayatan university
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The Institute of Legal Studies and Research of Mangalayatan University took the students of the Department of Law on an educational tour to Aligarh District Jail under a competitive course. Whose purpose was to give legal advice to the prisoners, and to get information about the prison environment. The students understood the discipline system of the prison by entering the District Jail through due process. The girl students went to the women’s barrack and the students to the men’s barrack and got information related to their daily routine from the prisoners.
Department Head Dr. Haider Ali honored Senior Jail Superintendent Vijender Singh and Deputy Jail Superintendent Suresh Kumar by presenting them with Mangalayatan University’s emblem and organ clothes. The officials gave detailed information while taking them on a tour of the jail. At the same time, it was also told about the reformation program being run for the prisoners in the jail. The jail officials also answered the questions asked by the students. Vice Chancellor Prof. PK Dashora informed the students about the purpose of the visit to the District Jail. Registrar Samarveer Singh and Joint Registrar Prof. Dinesh Sharma encouraged the students. Jitendra Yadav, Dr. Mamta Rani, Dr. Vikas Sharma, Ali Akhtar, and teachers of the Law Department were present on this occasion.

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