Seminar on New-Age Journalism

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There is a great significance of Journalism in a democratic country. Unbiased and honest journalism is the cornerstone of a democratic country wherein a journalist works as a bridge between administration and common people and question the erroneous work of government and administration. In 21st century where the scope of journalism is getting broader likewise the role of a journalist is getting diverse. Today, there is a dominance of electronic media across the world and students of journalism should know its nitty-gritty.

Mangalayatan University organized one day seminar on new age journalism. In this seminar eminent dignitaries of media world, and the faculty and students of the University participated. The content head of Doordarshan, Mr. Rahul Mahajan shared his insights of journalism. He stressed on unbiased, honest and fearless journalism. Professor Manisha Upadhyay, Yogesh Kaushik, Mayank Jain, Khushboo, Deepika, Shivani, Gyanendra, Arjun, Abdul Kalam, Harish, Deepak, Deepak Chowdhary etc. were present at the event.


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