One Day Workshop on Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain Technology is an emerging and state-of-the-art technology suitable for decentralized and transactional sharing of data across a large network of untrusted participants. It is an innovative distributed ledger technology where verification data for the transactional records is cryptographically secured against tampering and stored in blocks.

Each block contains details of transactions, hash of the previous block, timestamp etc. Blocks are linked with each other, leading to a Block Chain and this is stored at every node in the network. This enables transparency and gives a unique solution to the problem of trust in the digital world, leading towards decentralized trust. It has good potential to transform the logging and management of transactions in different application areas.

This technology is successfully used in Bitcoin and has good potential in non-financial sectors such as Governance, healthcare, cyber security, automobiles, media, travel, hospitality, energy, smart cities, time stamping, logging of important events in a system, recording transactions, etc.

Considering the significance and the potential of Blockchain technology, Mangalayatan University organized one day workshop on Blockchain Technology. This workshop has aimed to enlighten students with the potential of Blockchain technology and highlighting career scope in this sector. In this workshop, Blockchain experts from the IT industry and the academicians of the University expressed their view on this technology.

At the end of the workshop Prof. Rajeev Sharma honored the guests with university’s emblem. Training and Placement Officer Professor Luv Mittal and Rajesh Panchsaradistributed certificates to the participants. Vice Chancellor Prof. KVSM Krishna, Examination Coordinator Prof. Dinesh Sharma, Prof. Siddharth Jain expressed their appreciation for organizing the workshop.

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