Computer programming has an important role in making India self-reliant.

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The six-day workshop is being organized by the Mechanical Engineering Department of Mangalayatan University. The topic is “AutoCAD and its Applications.” In the six-day workshop, students will be provided with various commands of AutoCAD software as well as information about preparing designs from it.

In the inaugural session of the workshop, Prof. Mahesh Kumar, while wishing the students, said that in today’s modern era, computer programming has an important role in realizing the dream of a self-reliant India. The director of the department, Dr.Kishanpal Singh, said that there was a time when the only way for engineers and architects to depict ideas was to draw them by hand. But today, paper and pen have been replaced by computers and software like AutoCAD. Instructor Jayant Rohela said that AutoCAD is computer software that plays an important role in creating and editing 2D and 3D designs easily. It is used in various engineering companies. They will be given training in the programming required to draw various commands in AutoCAD, like circle plots, line plots, etc. The program coordinators were Avtar Singh Kuntal and Shweta Bhardwaj. Mohan Maheshwari, Kunal, Naseem, etc. were present on this occasion.

Picture introduction: Dr. KP Singh welcomes the instructor at Mangalayatan University along with Prof. Mahesh Kumar. Two teachers and students are present in the workshop at Mangalayatan University.

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