Workshop on the Science of Self-Realization Organized Under the Joint Auspices of The Krishna Bhakti Yoga Society.

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A workshop on the science of self-realization organized at Mangalayatan University, under the joint aegis of Kadam Group and Hare Krishna Bhakti Yoga Society. This was a spiritual programme where students and teachers danced on the tune of Hare Krishna, Hare Rama. The entire workshop was filled with great faith and devotion where devotees acquired valuable insights on spirituality, celibacy, and ethics. Shripad Rohini Nandan Das was a chief guest where he highlighted the significance old tradition of Sanatan Dharma and its supremacy across the world. In addition, he also laid stress on moral values and discipline in student life that determines future of students.

 The Registrar Brigadier Samarveer Singh advised students to leave western cultural lifestyle that ultimately spoils life of students and spiritual life that uplift students’ intellectual acumen, concentration, and memory. Students who participated at workshop received certificate On this occasion Prof. Jayantilal Jain, Prof. Saurabh Kumar, Prof. Ankur Aggarwal, Administrative Officer Gopal Rajput, Mohan Maheshwari, Manisha Upadhyay etc. were present.

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