43 Students Hired by Top Companies inPlacements Drive at MU Aligarh

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Mangalayatan University (MU), Aligarh, seeks to provide a high-quality educational experience for students from all walks of life that leads to authentically fulfilling employment prospects. Since its founding in 2011, the institution has achieved several milestones.This year, 43 students from the Pharmacy Department were chosen by top companies such as Apollo Pharmacy, Blue Ocean Pharma, Nutrilite Pharmacy, Mascot Pharma, Cipla, and others during the campus placement drive.The Institute’s entire panel promises to change and upgrade its teaching methods as well as the curriculum to meet industry standards.

Mangalayatan University Training and Placement Cell

Mangalayatan University has a specific Training and Placement Cell that handles all of the student body’s on-campus and off-campus placement activities. Prof. Abhay Kumar leads the unit, which is well assisted by Mr. Ashish Jain’s Corporate Relations team. The cell’s major goal is to keep a strong industry-university relationship going through arranging and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training, and industrial projects.

In addition to the efforts of the Placement Team, students are guided by the departments as to the different job prospects accessible to them. The Career Advancement Cell now has a group of experienced faculty members that are regularly providing training to students based on the batch’s specific needs. To provide company-specific employability training, special training programs are organized and conducted.

Roles & Responsibilities of T&P Cell at MU Aligarh

  • To organize and coordinate On and Off-campusrecruitment drives.
  • Through customized expert counseling, every student can define his or her career interests.
  • Provide feedback on specific job/skill requirements to the training staff.
  • The cell ensured opportunities in more than 100 organizations in past years, with a data bank of over 1000 companies. In recent years, more than 50 companies have provided opportunities for our students.
  • Guest Lectures allow students to interact with prominent industry professionals regularly.

MU Aligarh: Top Recruiters

Currently, more than 90 top-ratedcompaniesrecruit students from Mangalayatan University, Aligarh. A handful of the recruiters’ names are listed below:

  • Dell
  • Google India
  • RBS – The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • HT – Hindustan Times
  • Radisson Blu
  • ITC – ITC Limited

NIIT Technologies, etc.

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